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Preparation prior to your appointment:

Remove all eye makeup. DO NOT use oil based make up removers.

Do not put on mascara to come to the appointment.

Do not curl your eyelashes

Remove contact lenses prior to procedure.

Aftercare (Tips to have your lashes look their best):

Do not wash your eyes or shower for 24hrs after application to allow the adhesive to reach its maximum bond.

Do not rub your eyes as natural oils from your hands will break down the adhesive.

Only use recommended mascaras and cleansers.

Avoid steam rooms, saunas, and any swimming pools for at least 24 to 48 hrs

Do not cut lashes if you feel they are getting too long between fills, please make an earlier fill appointment.

Ensure to book an appointment every 2 to 4 weeks to maintain the look of your lashes.


Classic Full Set

Volume Set

Classic Fill  


$ 135


$ 65

$ 40

Less than 25% of lashes remaining per eye is considered a full set.

Free Lash Fill Program

What's better than free lashes?

If you love your eyelash extensions, tell a friend about Lash Call. Have them book an appointment and mention your name as the one who referred them. After their appointment you will receive a free fill on your next visit.

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